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Empowering Students

Women’s Care Medical Center seeks to educate students on sexual risks, empower them to choose optimal health, and equip them to avoid teen risk behaviors.

Young people on various electronic devices

Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA)


The Crisis

  • 1 in 2 sexually active young people will contract an STD by age 25
  • 1 million teens become pregnant each year
  • Almost half of all high school students are sexually active
  • 19.7 million new STD cases are reported each year,
  • 50% of these are teens
  • 78% of sexually active teens NEVER get tested for HIV

The Program

  • YOU ARE UNIQUE - 7th Grade
    Discusses healthy relationships, good decision making, and emotional stability
    Addresses the multifaceted social media age and its affect on dating and sexuality
  • IN THE B.U.F.F. - High School
    Addresses popular cultural myths regarding sexuality and relationships and the negative consequences of reckless lifestyles
    We offer the following 1 hour seminars for fall and spring semesters on all three campuses of Coastal Alabama Community College:
    • Sex and Societies
    • Sex and STDs
    • Sex and Social Media
    • Sex and Suicide

The Success

As a result of the SRA program:

  • 87% felt they could resist the pressure to have sex
  • 71% signed commitments to choose abstinence until marriage

“I didn’t realize the dangers of having sex before marriage. Now I have a better understanding of the consequences and I plan to wait until marriage to become sexually active.”
- Student Comment, 7th Grade

“I’ve already had sex, but only once. I’ve decided to officially wait until I’m married to do it again. This program definitely made me think.”
- Student Comment, High School

Your partnership can help ensure the continued success of our SRA program. If you would like to volunteer as a

SRA presenter, or financially support our school programs, we would love to have you on our team.