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Strengthening Families

Women’s Care Medical Center cares about family. We not only exist to save the life of the unborn, but to also bring wholeness and restoration to mothers and fathers by providing services that strengthen the family unit.

Family with young child

Parenting Classes

One way WCMC helps strengthen the family unit is by equipping moms and dads on becoming great parents. Being a first-time parent, even a second-time or third time parent, can be scary. The idea of caring for a fragile, tiny, human being can be a bit frightening. That is why we are here to help give our clients the confidence they need to parent their child.

We offer free parenting classes for both mom and dad to help prepare them for this journey. During our 6 visit parenting course, clients not only learn basic parenting skills, they also discover how to create a solid foundation so their child can thrive in all stages of development and are taught what God’s Word says on parenting.

On the first class visit, clients receive their very own parenting manual, and upon completion of the parenting course, they earn a complete layette set and a brand new car seat for their newborn baby.


Builders Program

Our Builders Program is designed to strengthen fathers, teaching them to lead their household in a Godly manner. As part of our man-to-man program, the Builders Program is a 6-week study centered around Biblical principles in order to provide men the tools needed to become character builders, home builders and Kingdom builders. Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive their own set of tools. If you are interested in purchasing a complete set of tools for one of our graduates, see the list of tools needed. Lessons taught in the Builders program include:

Blueprint icon The Blueprint

The function of a blueprint is to define a structure, its purpose, dimensions and exact specifications. In the same way, our Builder participants will discover how to design a blueprint for a healthy home.

level icon The Level

The function of the level is to indicate whether a surface is level or plumb. A home needs a plumbline, a standard, to build upon. Participants discover how a true foundation can build a principled household.

tape measure icon The Tape Measure

Tape measures are used to take accurate measurements. Participants discover how to measure the health of their home while also learning what limits the growth of a thriving family.

saw icon The Saw

A saw is designed to remove waste. Every home has waste that needs removing. Participants will learn to evaluate and remove areas that compete for time and attention.

Hammer icon The Hammer

The function of a hammer is to drive, shape or remove what seems to be an unmovable object. In the Builders program, we teach men how to be a positive driving force for their household.

ratchet icon The Ratchet

A ratchet is designed to proceed in one direction while preventing movement in the opposite direction. Participants learn how to set family goals and move in the direction that achieves success.


Abortion Recovery

Did you know:

  • 1 in 3 women have had an abortion
  • Millions of women suffer in silence
  • Many experience feelings of depression, regret, excessive guilt, and unresolved anger.

“The destinies of mother and child are inextricably linked. You cannot hurt one without hurting the other, and cannot help one without helping the other.”
Father Frank Pavone

Our Abortion Recovery Program seeks to strengthen the family by offering hope and healing to men and women who have experienced a past abortion. Participants learn to face their experiences, grieve their losses, and overcome the shadow of past choices, enabling them to step into the healing light of God’s forgiveness. We have witnessed the incredible transformation in the lives of both men and women who have gone through our Abortion Recovery Program, making them better wives, husbands, mothers and fathers, thereby strengthening the family unit. Learn more about our Abortion Recovery Program, symptoms associated with Post Abortion Trauma and how you can receive help with a past abortion.