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Love never fails

Love has the power to heal, the capacity to transform, the ability to overcome. Love NEVER fails. It is this kind of love that kept me from surrendering completely to the darkness. It’s this kind of love that ultimately saved me.

I met Scot in high school. We fell in love and dreamed of a future together. Even when we found out they were pregnant, our love for one another never wavered. We made a plan to get married and have a baby. It was my choice, right? After all, we tell women that they have the freedom to choose. But you see, freedom is relative when we select who is given the right to life. Freedom of choice is just a lie. In a culture where the freedom of choice is supposedly every woman’s right, I was stripped of my rights, just as my baby was stripped from my womb against my will.

Dark days followed my abortion and I lost the will to live. Days turned into years, and the aftermath of the abortion impacted every part of my life, yet I never spoke of it. Ever. For decades, I suffered from chronic depression, nightmares, and a deep sense of hopelessness. It would take 27 years before I could ever speak of my abortion. It was only then, when evil was finally exposed and brought to the light, could healing begin.

Through it all, Scot never left my side. He grieved and suffered with me, but as God SO loves us, Scot SO loved me. It was this kind of love, a God-sized kind of love, that did not fail. Love brought me back from death.

Abortion was the tool of the thief to come steal, kill and destroy my life. It stole my rights, killed my child, and nearly destroyed my life. The evil of abortion seeks to destroy us all as it permeates every facet of our society. BUT... Jesus came so that we may have life and have it abundantly. This is how God SO loves us. He sent His Son to give us life.

If you have experienced an abortion and have been living in the shadow of the past, it is my hope that you can find healing and forgiveness. Jesus came to give you abundant life and Women’s Care Medical Center is here to help you live again.