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What if...I had an abortion.

What if....I had an abortion. I was 30 years old, pregnant and absolutely terrified. All of these thoughts kept filling my head…. “What have I done?” “What would I tell my family?” “I’m too selfish to have a child!” And the worst part, I had no excuse for what happened. I wasn’t sixteen. I was a grown woman. The decision should be simple, right? But it wasn’t that easy for me. My family would not be happy under the circumstances. My friends would judge me harshly for sure. This wasn’t my plan. I wanted a family, marriage, stability…but instead, I was alone, lost, and confused. A good friend suggested I call Women’s Care Medical Center.

What if….I never made that call. But I did call. I made an appointment and everyone I met that day seemed to genuinely care, and more so, understand my position. The center provided me with answers to my questions without any pressure to decide one way or another. In the end, the choice was mine alone. I could walk out that day, schedule an abortion and never look back.

What if…I had refused the ultrasound. I was offered an ultrasound, and for some reason I agreed. I was met with another kind and compassionate woman, helping me, listening to my fears, and explaining the procedure, what I may or may not see. And then….there it was. A tiny shape with a tiny heartbeat, a tiny soul deep within me. A baby. My baby. And I knew. Any previous doubts were gone. There on that ultrasound screen was the answer to the prayer I did not realize I was praying. I cannot imagine what would have happened had I not come to Women’s Care Medical Center.

What if….Phoenix was never born. I cannot imagine. God gave me purpose that day. A reason to live, a reason to breathe. To appreciate the good days and the days I can barely crawl out of bed. The midnight cries, the little handprints, the toothless grins and baby laughs. God took those broken pieces and made me into something whole. By making the one right decision, God has blessed me with so much more than I ever deserved. Because of Women’s Care Medical Center....

Thank God I never have to live with what if.