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My Alice was worth Saving

I could not face their look of shame knowing it was only a reflection of my own shame.

When I found out I was pregnant at the age of 18, never have I been more scared. My relationship with my parents was already fractured as a result of some bad choices. I had already disappointed them in so many ways. There was absolutely no way I could tell them I was pregnant. I could not face their look of shame, knowing it was only a reflection of my own shame. I had become such a disgrace. Physically sick with fear at the thought of telling them, I swore to myself they must never know. I did not know what to do, but never have I felt so alone, so broken and so completely lost.

Somewhere, in the darkness of my thoughts, I remembered seeing a billboard advertising help in an unplanned pregnancy. I searched the internet and found a place that offered free pregnancy testing and information on my options. Terrified, not knowing what to expect, unsure of my future and the future of my child, I walked in the doors of Women’s Care Medical Center.

Hope replaced fear. Faith replaced despair. Love was ignited.

Before that day, I had convinced myself there were no other options. I could not face my parents, no one could know the truth, therefore, that left only one choice, abortion. God must have handpicked my consultant that day, because she was exactly who I needed. I’ll never forget her words. She said, “Secrets have a way of coming out. Search within and ask yourself, would your parents be more disappointed now, or years later when they discover you aborted their grandchild.” Her words pierced my heart. Slowly, my heart began to soften and I began to see the truth. I found hope in place of my fear, faith in my despair, and a love for my child I did not know existed was ignited.

There are no words he could have spoken that would have been greater or louder than this simple act of love.

When I told my mom, she simply wrapped me in her arms and told me we would get through this together. Not once did either of them express being ashamed of me. My dad was very quiet and I was unsure of how he felt or what he was thinking, but then he did the most incredible thing. He built a changing table for the baby. There are no words he could have spoken that would have been greater or louder than this simple act of love.

I began attending parenting classes at Women’s Care Medical Center. Learning Godly principles of parenting also taught me I needed to make some tough lifestyle changes. I decided to cut off bad relationships and no longer allow toxic behavior into my life. I disconnected from social media and spent my time and focus on preparing for my baby. Everything in my life shifted. I had a greater purpose now. I had someone depending on me to do better, to strive for better and to be better.

The day came, and once again, my world changed. This time it is was not a world filled with fear and shame and disappointment. My world was filled with love and joy and beauty as they laid the most priceless treasure in my arms. My sweet Alice has changed my life. In many ways, she saved it. She saved me from a path of destructive choices and bad relationships. She brought light to the darkness and taught me a depth of love I did not know existed. My mom once said to me, “Can you ever believe you thought abortion was an option?” No, I cannot! I am forever grateful for Women’s Care Medical Center and the impact they have had on my life and the life of my child.